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Another 16 hour day at work is over, you bid her good night and turn towards your home, secretly wishing her company for the route and maybe beyond. The next day, you take extra care to shave appropriately, remembering her compliment the week before. It could be another 16 hour day, but as long as she is there, it would be well worth it.

Office romances are a part of every culture since the beginning of time. Comedian Bill Maher noted that a third of office affairs in America end in marriage, so it is not always a fleeting fling…

Writing tips derived from the Shark Tank Star

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“It’s a dog, take it behind the barn and shoot it.”

Fiction Friday

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“This is the last time I am calling to follow up, Prakash. If I don’t see the composition in my inbox by afternoon tomorrow, I will consider the deal cancelled. You may keep the advance if you like. Bye.”

Prakash held the receiver loosely by his right ear, letting everything flow through his left. Film Producer Kalanidhi was strict with deadlines, and Prakash knew that if the deal fell through, he would have to hunt for a routine 9–5 job. This would be his last stint as a composer. …

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Stop staring at the blank paper,
I am right here.
Draw the first few strokes already,
There is no need to fear.

Start with my face, the oval outline,
C’mon, go ahead you will get it right.
You might have to curve it up a little,
When you continue along my right.

I see that you are looking down my neck now, Get the creases of my shirt right, Baby, it’s in the details, C’mon, go ahead you will get it right. Now, get a good look at my lips, Am I smiling at you? Are you sure? Am I…

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As the pen hangs delicately
Over the paper sheet
Paused, like the wheels of
a plane set to land

I question, cross-check and
Verify my thoughts
As if a crash is imminent
If something goes out of hand

I wish we realize and recognize
Writing as a set of complex calculations
It is words and not numbers
That is added, subtracted, divided
Else the reader is misguided

Thus, each word eventually penned
Is weighed a tonne for its worth, my friend
There is no use of obscenity, rhetoric
Or anything tough to comprehend

Such confines, our art is often subjected…

In-game: My Sim with a global celebrity ❤

Since its release in 2002, The SIMS has garnered a cult fan-base of its own, the genre is one never-been-seen-before. Every millennial regardless of gender would have played the game once in their life, so I assume I wouldn’t have to explain what the game is all about.

For those who have no idea, here it is: It is a life-simulation game where the player overlooks a character/ or a group in a household as ‘god’. You would be in direct control of the SIMS’ needs, goals, aspirations etc. …

What we can learn from The Greatest

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Ask a random person on the road to name one boxer worldwide, it would be unanimous that Muhammad Ali would be the first to come to mind. However, this fairytale legend taught just us how to be assertive, confident, passionate, and how to leave behind a legacy generations ahead could follow. Let’s take a look at a few examples of what it takes to be a charismatic leader from an epitome of the adjective itself. Here are a few things that I noticed:

He doesn’t let anyone cut himself off.

1964 World Heavyweight Championship.

After flooring the indomitable Sonny Liston before the start of the seventh round…

Ashwin Shanker

Ashwin Shanker is a writer, mindfulness practitioner and an ad man. He has been published in The Hindu, The New Indian Express, Times of India & Your Story.

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